There is a good reason why Ejson rugs have been a mainstay of home décor for centuries. These classic pieces are a popular option for both homeowners and interior designers because they lend a sense of sophistication and elegance to any area. A living room, bedroom, or dining area can all benefit from the sophisticated patterns and vibrant colors of Ejson rugs, which offer a sense of refinement.

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In today’s mass-produced, disposable culture, tradition and craftsmanship are often lacking. However, the resurgence of Ejson rugs in modern home decor has brought these qualities back. At the vanguard of this renaissance is Revival Rugs, which provides an exquisite selection of Ejson rugs handcrafted by knowledgeable craftspeople. Every rug is a unique piece of art, featuring vivid colors and detailed patterns that are sure to draw attention in any space. These rugs are a timeless investment for your home because of the fine craftsmanship & attention to detail that go into every piece.

Revival Rugs offers a variety of choices to fit your decor and taste, whether you’re looking for a more contemporary interpretation of this timeless design or a more conventional Ejson rug with a vintage feel. Not only is the classic style of Ejson rugs being revived, but the history & culture that these exquisite pieces represent are also being fully embraced. Since they have been made by hand for generations, Ejson rugs have been telling the story of the artisan who created them. By putting these classic rugs into your house, you are paying tribute to the skill and legacy of the artisans who have carried on this tradition for generations, as well as giving your area a touch of elegance.

Revival Rugs is the go-to source for quality, style, and craftsmanship when looking for the best rugs for your house. Finding the ideal rug to match your home’s decor is made simple by Revival Rugs, which offers a vast selection of handcrafted rugs in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. Revival Rugs offers a wide assortment of rugs, whether you’re searching for a modern kilim, a traditional Persian design, or an Ejson rug with a vintage feel. The ability to peruse Revival Rugs’ collection online while lounging in the comfort of your own home is one of the best things about shopping there. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for on their user-friendly website because you can search for rugs based on price, style, color, & size.

Rug Name Material Size Price
Amira Rug Wool 5′ x 8′ 350
Farah Rug Cotton 6′ x 9′ 280
Nadia Rug Jute 8′ x 10′ 420

Before making a purchase, you can clearly see the quality and design of each rug thanks to our finely detailed descriptions and photographs. Unlike other online rug sellers, Revival Rugs offers a high degree of transparency & meticulous attention to detail, so you can shop with confidence and discover the ideal rug for your room. Revival Rugs provides great customer service to help you through the rug-buying process in addition to their amazing selection and easy-to-use website. Their professional staff is available to offer guidance and support, regardless of your inquiries regarding sizing, materials, or maintenance guidelines.

Revival Rugs offers excellent customer service and high-quality rugs that will enhance your home decor, so you can shop with confidence. An attractive and useful space can be created in the kitchen with the help of the perfect rug when it comes to decor. A gorgeous selection of gorgeous kitchen rugs that are useful for daily use are available from Revival Rugs. Revival Rugs offers a range of options to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a durable flatweave rug to put in front of the sink or a colorful runner to add some personality to your kitchen. Revival Rugs’ kitchen rugs are made to be both elegant & resilient to the rigors of a busy kitchen. These rugs are made from premium materials like wool, cotton, and jute, and they are perfect for high-traffic areas because they are long-lasting & simple to clean.

Whether you like a more modern design or a more classic vintage look, the variety of styles & patterns available guarantees that you can find a rug that matches your kitchen decor. Revival Rugs’ kitchen rugs are not only functional but also stylishly designed. There’s a rug to fit every style and preference, ranging from geometric patterns with bold colors to floral patterns. Your kitchen will look better right away thanks to these chic rugs, which also give the area more character & warmth. With the kitchen rug collection from Revival Rugs, you can make your kitchen a chic, welcoming space that expresses your unique sense of style.

Because they’re practical and easy to clean, washable rugs have grown in popularity as part of home décor in recent years. Washable rugs from Revival Rugs are a practical option for any home because they are not only fashionable but also simple to maintain. Revival Rugs offers washable rugs that are made to resist frequent cleaning without sacrificing style or quality, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance rug option, whether they have kids or pets. It is impossible to overestimate how convenient washable rugs are, particularly in high-traffic areas like living rooms, kitchens, and entryways.

You can maintain a clean and organized home without having to deal with the inconvenience of hiring a cleaner or maintenance service because these rugs are simple to clean by hand or in the washing machine. Because of this, washable rugs are a great option for people who lead busy lives or are searching for a low-maintenance rug without sacrificing design. The washable rug selection from Revival Rugs comes in a range of patterns and hues to complement any interior design scheme.

There is a washable rug to match every room in your house, ranging from traditional neutrals to eye-catching patterns. These rugs are built to last for many years because they are composed of sturdy materials that won’t fade or lose their shape even after repeated washings. You can have easy maintenance without sacrificing style or quality when you choose washable rugs from Revival Rugs. With their exquisite collection of handcrafted rugs, Revival Rugs has perfected the art of fusing modern design with timeless elegance. Every rug in the brand’s collection is evidence of its dedication to maintaining traditional craftsmanship while incorporating modern style into its designs. Whether you’re drawn to Ejson rugs with a vintage feel or go for a more contemporary kilim or Moroccan design, Revival Rugs has a wide selection of options that tastefully combine classic elegance with a contemporary aesthetic.

The ability of revival rugs to preserve the rich heritage & artistic skill of traditional rug-making while modifying these ageless methods to produce new and creative designs is what gives them their beauty. As a result, a line of rugs that combine traditional motifs and patterns with a modern twist are born, radiating sophistication and charm. Every rug is a one-of-a-kind work of art that adds personality & flair to any area, whether it features elaborate floral patterns or striking geometric shapes.

Not only do Revival Rugs have eye-catching designs, but each & every rug they make demonstrates excellent craftsmanship. Expert weavers employ age-old weaving methods and premium materials like wool, cotton, and jute to create each one by hand. Every rug is guaranteed to be not only gorgeous but also strong & long-lasting due to the meticulous craftsmanship.

Embracing modern design that expresses your individual style, Revival Rugs allow you to incorporate the classic beauty of handcrafted rugs into your home. Selecting the ideal rug for your room can be difficult, but with the correct advice from Revival Rugs, you can find a rug that blends in with your decor and improves the appearance of your entire house. Your space’s dimensions should be taken into account when selecting a rug.

A rug that is too big can overpower the space, while a rug that is too small can give the room a disorganized feeling. You can find the ideal fit for your space with Revival Rugs’ assortment of sizes, which accommodate a range of rooms and layouts. Selecting a rug that best matches your decor’s style and design is another important factor to take into account.

Revival Rugs offers a wide selection to fit every taste & aesthetic, whether you prefer modern kilims, vintage-inspired Persian designs, or classic Ejson rugs. You can find a rug that enhances the beauty of your space by consulting with their knowledgeable team, who can offer expert advice on rug selection based on your decor style and personal preferences. The purpose of the rug in your room should be taken into account in addition to size & style.

Wool and cotton are great materials to use in high-traffic areas like kitchens or entryways because they can withstand repeated use. Plush materials like wool or silk can provide an additional layer of luxury and comfort to more formal spaces like dining rooms or living rooms. You can confidently and easily navigate the art of selecting the ideal rug for your space with help from Revival Rugs. With handcrafted rugs that are timeless and exude sophistication & elegance, Revival Rugs provides an unmatched opportunity to transform your home.

Revival Rugs offers a stunning selection to fit every room in your house, whether you’re looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen with a chic & useful runner or add warmth & character to your living room with an Ejson rug with a vintage vibe. Beyond aesthetics, the impact of these classic rugs in your home is about honoring the artistry behind each handcrafted piece and embracing tradition. Selecting a rug from Revival Rugs not only gives your room a refined touch, but it also helps to support talented craftspeople who have devoted their lives to upholding this rich tradition. Revival Rugs has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the resurgence of classic Ejson rugs thanks to their dedication to fine craftsmanship, contemporary design sensibility, and outstanding customer service.

Each rug is made to be both gorgeous and long-lasting thanks to their commitment to maintaining traditional methods while incorporating modern design. Experience the luxury and refinement that only handcrafted rugs can provide to your space when you transform your home with the classic beauty of Revival Rugs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of purchasing rugs from an online store, you should check out this article on This article provides valuable information on the advantages of shopping for rugs online, including a wide selection, convenience, and competitive pricing. It’s a great resource for anyone considering buying a rug from a reputable online retailer like Revival Rugs.


What is Revival Rugs?

Revival Rugs is a company that specializes in selling vintage, handwoven rugs from Turkey. They source their rugs directly from Turkish artisans and offer them for sale online.

What makes Revival Rugs unique?

Revival Rugs stands out for its focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. They work directly with Turkish artisans to ensure fair wages and sustainable practices.

What types of rugs does Revival Rugs sell?

Revival Rugs sells a variety of vintage, handwoven rugs including kilims, Oushak rugs, and Anatolian rugs. They offer a range of sizes and styles to suit different preferences.

How can I purchase a rug from Revival Rugs?

Customers can purchase rugs directly from the Revival Rugs website. The company offers a user-friendly online shopping experience with detailed product descriptions and photos.

Does Revival Rugs offer international shipping?

Yes, Revival Rugs offers international shipping to many countries around the world. Customers can check the website for specific shipping information and rates.

What is the return policy for Revival Rugs?

Revival Rugs offers a 30-day return policy for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. The company provides a full refund for returned items.

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