Because of their unique qualities, shag rugs have remained popular in home décor for a number of decades. The long, dense pile of these rugs gives them a velvety, opulent texture. Shag rugs come in a variety of materials to suit a variety of tastes and needs, including wool, synthetic fibers, and leather. They are especially well suited for living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where a cozy & welcoming ambiance is sought because of the deep pile construction, which produces a soft & pleasant surface underfoot.

Key Takeaways

Shag rugs are known for their ability to give interior spaces a sense of depth & texture. The long fibers add dimension & visual interest, frequently acting as a center point in interior design. Shag rugs can easily blend in with existing decor schemes because they come in a wide variety of colors & patterns.

Solid colors and bold patterns are available for a more understated look or a more dramatic impact. Shag rugs are a timeless addition to home design because of their adaptability, which allows them to be used in both traditional & modern interior settings. Wayfair: A Shag Rug Superstore in One Place.

One of the most well-known online merchants of shag rugs is Wayfair, which provides a huge selection of styles, sizes, & materials. Wayfair offers a wide selection of shag rugs, ranging from traditional neutral-toned carpets to bold & modern styles. Other Premier Shag Rug Online Sellers. Rugs USA is a fantastic online retailer of shag rugs, providing a wide range of shag rugs in different sizes and shapes. Rugs USA has what you need, whether you’re looking for a big area rug to anchor your room or a tiny accent rug. Overstock is an excellent online destination for shag rugs, emphasizing quality and affordability, for those who prefer to shop from specialty retailers.

Factors Criteria Weight
Material Polyester, Wool, Cotton, Synthetic High
Size Small, Medium, Large Medium
Color Neutral, Vibrant, Patterned Low
Price Affordable, Mid-range, Expensive High

Designer Shag Carpets at Anthropologie. Consider looking through Anthropologie’s inventory if you’re looking for an opulent, high-end shag rug. This store is well-known for carrying distinctive and fashionable home decor items, & their selection of shag rugs is no different. Shag rugs from Anthropologie will give a touch of elegance to any space, with options ranging from natural wool to faux fur.

It can be enjoyable & fulfilling to choose the ideal shag rug for your living room. It’s crucial to take both style and functionality into account when selecting a shag rug for this high-traffic area. To make sure you choose the correct size rug, measure the area where it will be placed first. In order to create a balanced look, it’s common practice to leave at least 18 inches of bare floor around the edges of the rug.

To choose a shag rug that works well in your living room, take into account the color scheme and décor already in place. Wool shag rugs are a common choice for living rooms because of their natural stain resistance and longevity. Choose a synthetic shag rug instead of a real one if you have kids or pets because they are easier to keep clean.

Think about your living room’s overall design when choosing a style. Select a solid-colored shag rug in a striking hue, such as emerald green or deep blue, for a contemporary style. A neutral-toned shag rug with a delicate pattern can add warmth and texture without overpowering the room if your living room has a more traditional feel. Shag rugs aren’t just for living rooms and bedrooms; the kitchen can benefit greatly from having them as well.

A shag rug can offer much-needed comfort underfoot in this busy area where you spend a lot of time standing and preparing meals. Making an easy-to-clean & maintain choice is crucial when choosing a shag rug for your kitchen. If spills and heavy foot traffic are a concern, look for machine-washable or synthetic fiber options.

For size, think about putting a tiny shag rug in front of the stove or sink to act as a cushion while you work. Consider utilizing a larger shag rug to define the space & create a cozy ambiance in an open-concept kitchen with a dining area adjacent. In terms of design, choose a shag rug whose hue or pattern goes well with the design of your kitchen. There are many options to pick from that will improve your kitchen area, whether you prefer a bright pattern to add personality or a classic white shag rug for a clean & minimalist look.

Washable shag rugs are a great option for active homes with kids, pets, or lots of visitors. These rugs are perfect for high traffic areas because they are made to resist frequent cleaning without losing their softness or shape. Look for washable shag rugs made of synthetic materials, such as polyester or polypropylene, as these are long-lasting and require little maintenance. In addition to being stain-resistant, washable shag rugs are a great option for homes with young children or pets.

While selecting a washable option, take into account the rug’s construction in addition to its material. To make shag rugs easier to clean, look for tightly woven fibers that won’t trap dirt and debris. With little work on your part, you can keep certain machine-washable shag rugs looking new and fluffy. You can achieve a sleek and modern look with a solid-colored washable shag rug or add visual interest with a patterned option. There are many chic options that require little upkeep. Layering for Visual Interest.

Shag rugs can be layered over flat-weave or natural fiber rugs in the living room to add visual interest and define the seating area. This layered design gives the area more depth and dimension and extra underfoot cushioning. Cozy Details in Each Space.

To make a comfortable landing area for when you wake up in the morning, place a plush shag rug in the bedroom next to the bed. A large shag rug can serve as an anchor for the seating area and create a unified look in an open-concept living & dining space. Even in the kitchen, place a little shag rug in front of the stove or sink to make yourself more comfortable while cleaning and cooking. Designing with Pattern and Texture.

When it comes to styling, don’t be scared to combine various patterns and textures with your shag rug to make an eye-catching and cozy area. There are countless ways to use shag rugs in your home’s decor, whether you like monochromatic hues or striking pops of color. Regular maintenance and care procedures are essential to maintaining the fresh, fluffy appearance of your shag rug for many years to come.

Vacuumed often with a brush attachment to keep dirt and debris out of the fibers is one of the best ways to keep your shag rug looking great. To lift the pile and avoid matting, make sure you vacuum in various directions. To maintain your shag rug looking its best in high-traffic areas, consider vacuuming it at least once a week. You should spot clean spills & stains on your shag rug as soon as they happen in addition to giving it a regular vacuuming.

Use a fresh cloth or paper towel to blot the affected area as much as possible, and then gently clean the area with a mild detergent & water solution. Refrain from overly rubbing or cleaning the fibers as this may harm the rug. To ensure that your shag rug receives the right care without being harmed in the process, think about hiring a professional rug cleaner with experience cleaning shag rugs for deeper cleaning. Shag rugs are chic and adaptable accents to any interior design, to sum up.

These rugs can make any space feel warm and inviting thanks to their cozy feel and soft texture. There are many options & resources available to help you make the most of this classic design element, whether you’re looking for the ideal shag rug online or need advice on incorporating one into your home decor. You can enjoy your shag rug’s beauty and comfort for many years to come if you choose, care for, and style it according to these pointers.

If you’re in the market for a shag rug, you might also be interested in learning about the latest trends in rug design. Check out this article on to discover the newest styles and patterns that are making waves in the world of home decor.


What is a shag rug?

A shag rug is a type of rug that has a deep pile, resulting in a thick and plush texture. It is known for its long, loose fibers that give it a shaggy appearance.

What materials are shag rugs made from?

Shag rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon, and natural fibers like cotton or jute.

What are the benefits of a shag rug?

Shag rugs are known for their soft and luxurious feel, making them a comfortable option for lounging or walking barefoot. They also add warmth and texture to a room, and can help to dampen sound.

How do you clean a shag rug?

Regular vacuuming is important to keep a shag rug clean, as well as occasional shaking or beating to remove dust and debris. For deeper cleaning, professional steam cleaning is recommended.

Where can shag rugs be used in the home?

Shag rugs are versatile and can be used in various areas of the home, such as the living room, bedroom, or even in a cozy reading nook. They can also be used as a statement piece in a modern or retro-inspired interior design.

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